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History of Trico

In the Beginning:

Trico Community Federal Credit Union was founded in the fall of 1954 in Helena, Montana when a group of eight teachers gathered and applied for a charter to start a credit union. The goal was to provide a trust-worthy, member-owned business that gives competitive, stable and personable variety of financial services for the present and future.  At the end of 1954, the infant organization had assets totaling $220.97.

Previous Titles:

Membership was initially opened to teachers only. In 1982, membership was expanded to school employees within the three surrounding counties as to include teachers, janitors, administrative support and their families. The name then changed to Trico Educational Family Federal Credit Union to adjust to this growth. In 2000, the charter was modified again to include all residents in the three counties, changing the name to Trico Community Federal Credit Union. Members today include anyone who lives, works, worships or attend school in Lewis & Clark, Jefferson and Broadwater counties.

Business that was once done in the fallout shelter of the treasurer’s home now resides in the middle of the three counties as to best service its members. The location and staff have changed over the course of the years but the mission remains the same, Trico Community Federal Credit Union is still SIMPLY BETTER.