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Overdfraft Fees

Checking Accounts

Share Draft Accounts

No minimum balance required. No monthly service charge. $25.00 NSF/overdraft fee  Members are notified by mail/e-mail when they are overdrawn.

Overdraft Share Transfer Protection

Funds are transferred from the selected share or draft account in $50.00 increments for $5.00 per transfer. Maximum amount of transfer is limited by selected share balance. There is no monthly service fee.

Overdraft Protection

Credit union will cover share drafts, ACH and debit card transacation up to $250.00. Member must be in good standing and  signed up for service in advance.

Debit Card

Using the Debit card is similar to writing a check, because the funds are deducted from your draft (checking) account. Since it displays the VISA logo, it is accepted anywhere Visa is accepted. No annual fee. There is a daily limit on your check/debit card of $500 for merchant purchases and $205 for ATM withdrawals, for an overall daily limit of $705.

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